Transcendence. That’s my intention for your event.

[If you are here, you probably have already seen me on stage. Which means, you are just looking for what you want me to speak about. Well, you are at the right place. It’s right below]

Marketing and Business

Experience Escalation:

Most marketing, conversion hacks and other shenanigans taught are nice short term plays that helps make a quick buck. Nothing wrong with that. We all can use another dollar to buy things we don’t need.

Wouldn’t it be better though if we can actually, truly, make an impact with our audience. Where yes we make the extra bucks, but also are able to create a transformative brand. A transformative story that our clients love to share and talk about. Won’t it be amazing if we can actually take our clients to their ideal self. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we can actually be the teacher they seek.

This presentation is transformative and has won accolades several times. It comes with videos that represent that transformation and allows your clients to see how their lives will change if they brought this to their marketing.

Exponential Growth:

Once the business start to roll a bit, once we realise that we have some clients, we are doing some decent revenue, business management hits us. All of a sudden we transform from a ninja-tai-chi-ing all the marketing and product development to a deer looking at headlights clueless about how to manage teams, create consistent growth and limit the uncertainty of business.

This is where the ultimate business sheet and exponential growth dialogue comes in. Who to hire, when to hire, organisational structure and KPIs. All the boring stuff. Shared in an interesting way. With examples and work sheets this training will transform an anxious entrepreneur to a bliss-out one.

There are many such presentations that I tailor to the audience. I rather discuss that with you if you are looking for something specific.

Personal Excellence

A Value Based Life:

All our lives we are taught we need to have goals. That we must chase the next, and then the next. It’s almost like we are trying to catch the horizon or our own shadow. An alternate way of looking at life would be where we could live powerfully in today.

Easier said that done. Right? How do we do this? What does it even mean? What changes when this happens.. that and more when you live a values based life.

Fortunately life has already kicked me around enough that I have a bucket full of stories to share. If there is a message you want to drive home, I might have something for you. I don’t promise it, but I sure hell would try. You already know that I am all about sharing the love. Let me know what you are looking for, and I’ll try my best to transcend your audience to a whole new place.

If you are looking at transcending your clients, your tribe to a new level of business, marketing and personal excellence. Send me a request.