Ajit Nawalkha

Mindvalley is a global school for humanity with 3+ million people producing some of the world’s top training for peak human performance. Mindvalley strives to build the education model humanity deserves, and hosts unique events and experiences across the world.

My journey with Mindvalley began as an intern. I love what Mindvalley stands for and have worked alongside the company as CEO of Mindvalley, co-founder and host of Evercoach and co-founder of Mindvalley Teach to help bring it to where it is today. As we share aligned values, I’m honored to continue being part of their path to build the education model humanity deserves.

Sharing an aligned vision for mankind, here’s what I’ve created in partnership with Mindvalley.

Training Programs & Events

Immerse yourself in deep training to unleash your next level of success, impact and abundance in business and life.

  • Mindvalley Certified Trainer
  • Mindvalley Train the Trainer
  • Evercoach Summit

Coaching courses & Books

Develop the personal and business skills to elevate your coaching business. Discover how to create more impact, income and the freedom you deserve.

  • First: Serve
  • Master’s Circle
  • The Book of Coaching